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What is flash chat text message

Published 11.12.2018

Flash SMS is a VAS feature to the standard SMS delivery and is most commonly used to A message that appears on the recipient's mobile screen directly. A Flash SMS message is a text message that you can send to an individual that stands out from the rest. Whereas a normal text message would be routed to the. When the chat starts it will show messages that were previously posted before you entered the chat. A value of 10 would show the last 10 minutes of text posted .

FlashChat includes a powerful set of command-line options, which I call to your user name, and the text in will appear as a system message. 3 days ago You can with quick access send flash messages by tapping on the icon anywhere in Truecaller. The flash Chat quickly with friends and family. With flash messaging, you can avoid calling or writing a full text message. Instead , you just tap the 'thunder bolt' symbol next to another.

11 Keep QuestionPoint window open/minimized during chat shift. 12 Select 3 Click the arrow button to move the text to the message box. Enable the 'Bold' button for chat input field. With this featured enabled, a user can bold his text in message. Display font list for selection. With this featured.

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