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B1a4 whats happening japanese

Published 29.12.2018

年7月26日 イゲ ムスン イリヤ ~なんで?どうして? ige musun iriya ~nante? doushite? “What's Going On? ~Why? What for?” イゲ ムスン イリヤ ~なんで?. What's Happening? (Ige Musun Iriya) Japanese Edition (CD+DVD) [Japan CD] PCCA - qzvohs.cf Music. B1A4 Store. › Visit Amazon's B1A4 Store. Japanese edition of "What's Happening? (Ige Musun Iriya)" from B1A4 contains five tracks total. This edition includes a bonus DVD with a music video for "What's .

For their third Japanese single, B1A4 is bringing their Korean-language hit “ What's Happening?” to their Japanese fans! Ige Musun Iriya. What's Happening? is the fourth mini-album recorded by the South Korean boy band B1A4, Concerts. BABA B1A4 · BABA B1A4 in Japan. Reality shows. KBS Hello Baby. Related topics. Discography · WM Entertainment · LOEN Entertainment · Pony. [CNU] Every day yeah yeah yeah yeahEvery day yeah yeah yeah yeah [Jinyoung ] Ya oi hontou no koto ie yo [Jinyoung] Doko de (ie yo~) ima.

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